Great advice for entrepreneurs from two billionaires

Today, I’m sharing two videos that I find inspiring. As entrepreneurs pressure and taking risks are what define us and Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki and Michael Dell are great examples for us to follow.

“If you can’t handle pressure you can’t make it as an entrepreneur. ” We entrepreneurs are a different breed, we thrive on pressure and in many ways are like the great players in sports. When the pressure is on we “want the ball.” We thrive in situations that others falter.

Great advice for entrepreneur’s from Michael Dell “Be Willing to experiment and fail.” As an entrpreneur I couldn’t agree more strongly, you don’t hit home runs without some strikouts.  Dell has taken some big swings in the past and most of the time he’s ended up on top.

Seth Godin, Blue Sweater and Our Shrinking World

In Seth Godin’s post today, How Big is Your World, he discusses how much our world is shrinking and introduces us to Jacqueline Novogratz, founder of the Acumen Fund and her book the Blue Sweater.

He raises good questions for all of us to ask ourselves, How much are we involved in the world? Are we actively doing something to help or are simply standing by, getting excited about the “issue of the day” and going on with our lives? We all need to take time out of our busy days and really stop and ask ourselves what we can do today to make the world a better place.

Jacqueline (one of my favorite names BTW) has experienced poverty in Africa and wrote what sounds like an amazing book about her experiences as a naive banker entering Africa and started the Acumen fund to build businesses to help fight poverty.

I believe that the grassroots, entrepreneurial approach is the only approach that works long-term to both stabilize and enrich a nation. Providing these entrepreneurs with access to training and capital will help us get past the corruption of their governments and the politics of the NGOs. I applaud the Acumen fund for their efforts.

To do my part for our shrinking world I’ve joined up with a group of social marketers, Social Traffic in a Grass Roots effort to enhance social awareness and promote Earth Day Birthday events. Our goals are to raise awareness about our environment,  and use social marketing to enhance a good cause. We all need to give back with the skills that we have.


Wanna Be’s

I’ve been entrepreneurial my entire life, but have had various levels of success. The more successful you are the more you are hounded by “wann be’s” to find out the “the secret.” But most of them really don’t want to hear the real answer. We’ll discuss that in another post for today I want to line out the different types of “wann be’s.”

1. Lottery Wanna Bes

They watch all of the “Rich and Famous” shows and dream of living like the stars. But do nothing to move themselves towards their dreams except to complain about their jobs and talk about winning the lottery to solve all of their problems. It won’t, it’s been shown over and over that even if they win they’ll be broke in 3-5 years.

2. Late night Wanna Be’s

The next big group buys all of the late night infomercial products and other “how to get rich by selling programs to people like you” programs. Then they allow these books and programs to collect dust quite often without even cracking the cover. Studies have shown that 90% never make it past the first chapter/tape/CD.

3. Meeting Wanna Be’s

These folks talk the walk. They make plans, they go to the meetings and talk big dreams but still don’t do anything with their new knowledge. We all know someone that has been through a dozen different Network marketing organizations, but never seems to do anything.

5. Perfect Wanna Be’s

This is the “paralysis by analysis syndrome.” These people are just afraid to commit. They just plan and plan and plan. A good example is guy who’s come to me a dozen times over the last 8-10 years talking about opening a hydroponics greenhouse. Every time he sees me he talks to me about his plans. How he could make so much money if somebody would just give him the $10 million that he needs to get started. When I ask him what he’s done to show that he’s the right person to run one of these he never has an answer. The conversation ends when I ask him how many years experience he has running a greenhouse and tell him that the 8 years of talking about it don’t count. Ironically I believe that it’s a good idea, but he has done nothing to prove that he really is committed to doing it..

6. Wrong system Wanna Be’s

These are the toughest to be annoyed with. I feel their pain because I’ve been right where they are. They actually are working. They are following the systems that they were taught. They are doing the affirmations, they are walking the talk. BUT they keep choosing the wrong system for their talents and abilities or they get to where they are almost over the hump and they listen to all of the voices of negativity that they are surrounded by and give up. I spent a lot of my time in this category. I tried MLM and gave up when I was probably 3 months away from being able to go full-time. I’m sure everyone who’s reading this has tried something online or offline to make money. For these wanna be’s the main thing to focus on is their own knowledge and skills. We are not all Yanik Silver, Perry Marshal or Dan Kennedy. We need to be honest with ourselves and take a real assessment of our strengths and weaknesses. Stay tuned to discover the process to discover your strengths.

Don’t be embarrassed if you see your self in one of these categories we’ve all been there. Now is the time to focus your energies. I’ll cover some good ways to find your calling in the next post.