Great Viral Marketing Strategy

I almost called this article how I found out I was a mongoose, but it doesn't Serengeti Bookmake sense until you go take the quiz. My friend Jonathan Rivera, you can find him at did a video and post about Surviving Your Serengeti. <– affiliate link.

The book sounds interesting and he gave it a great review I don't know much about the book beyond his review.  But their marketing has been amazing.

One of the things they are doing is a quiz that helps you determine what animal you are, that's how I found out I was a weasel. It's a simple quiz and we're all curious to find out if the quiz is "right." But on the quiz page they have three different ways you could virally share. #1 like the page on Facebook, #2 like the book on Amazon and #3 like ActiveRain on Facebook.

Once you've gone through the quiz they show you what animal you are and give you multiple ways to share your type. I'll detail three of them here:

#1 They ask you to share your results with your friends. This generates the wall post below 

#2 The ask you to share the Quiz which generates a wall post.

#3 They have Facebook and Twitter Share Buttons

That's not counting the links on the two sides of the and they have a Facebook Profile badge generator that I didn't get a screenshot of, but here's Jonathan's. He's a mongoose too. My guess is that most of my online entrepreneur friends will be mongooses because we're resourceful.

They hit it from all of the normal book launch channels as well, but how they used social media to virally promote was extremely well done. And it looks like it worked:

I'm buying my copy based on Jonathan's review, but their marketing was top-notch. You can learn a lot from this campaign.
One of the core take-away's is to not be afraid to use multiple method because you never know when someone with a large audience will share your page and drive a significant share of traffic.

Great advice for entrepreneurs from two billionaires

Today, I’m sharing two videos that I find inspiring. As entrepreneurs pressure and taking risks are what define us and Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki and Michael Dell are great examples for us to follow.

“If you can’t handle pressure you can’t make it as an entrepreneur. ” We entrepreneurs are a different breed, we thrive on pressure and in many ways are like the great players in sports. When the pressure is on we “want the ball.” We thrive in situations that others falter.

Great advice for entrepreneur’s from Michael Dell “Be Willing to experiment and fail.” As an entrpreneur I couldn’t agree more strongly, you don’t hit home runs without some strikouts.  Dell has taken some big swings in the past and most of the time he’s ended up on top.

What I learned from Shoemaker Tonight

I learned a lesson from a video of Shoemaker tonight. I’ll embed it at the end of this post so you can learn from it too.

The lesson I learned is that the biggest mistake of beginning bloggers is that they try to talk about subjects that they aren’t passionate about, they remove their unique personality from their writing and are unwilling to share about who they are.

I realized that I had made that mistake. My passion is building businesses; both my own businesses and helping entrepreneur’s build their businesses. In my rush to get content I’ve written quite a bit about online marketing.  Which I know a fair deal about, but I have 17 years of running my own businesses and I need to talk about that.

I need to talk about how you start a business with $6,000 and grow it to 30 employees and a multi-million dollar payroll. The struggles and mistakes that were made along the way.

I need to talk about finding opportunity, even when everyone only sees failure.

I need to talk about how a 9 person company that truly didn’t know where next month’s payroll was coming from can negotiate an 8 figure deal with a Fortune 50 company and the steps it takes to get to that table.

I need to talk about managing customers and their expectations.

I need to talk how almost every personal issue in business ultimately comes down to egos and how ego can cause people to make rash decisions that ultimately destroy a business.

I need to talk about losing everything and how sometimes that’s the best thing that could happen to you.

Yes, from now on I will talk about things that I know better than anyone else and am more passionate about.