Great Viral Marketing Strategy

I almost called this article how I found out I was a mongoose, but it doesn't Serengeti Bookmake sense until you go take the quiz. My friend Jonathan Rivera, you can find him at did a video and post about Surviving Your Serengeti. <– affiliate link.

The book sounds interesting and he gave it a great review I don't know much about the book beyond his review.  But their marketing has been amazing.

One of the things they are doing is a quiz that helps you determine what animal you are, that's how I found out I was a weasel. It's a simple quiz and we're all curious to find out if the quiz is "right." But on the quiz page they have three different ways you could virally share. #1 like the page on Facebook, #2 like the book on Amazon and #3 like ActiveRain on Facebook.

Once you've gone through the quiz they show you what animal you are and give you multiple ways to share your type. I'll detail three of them here:

#1 They ask you to share your results with your friends. This generates the wall post below 

#2 The ask you to share the Quiz which generates a wall post.

#3 They have Facebook and Twitter Share Buttons

That's not counting the links on the two sides of the and they have a Facebook Profile badge generator that I didn't get a screenshot of, but here's Jonathan's. He's a mongoose too. My guess is that most of my online entrepreneur friends will be mongooses because we're resourceful.

They hit it from all of the normal book launch channels as well, but how they used social media to virally promote was extremely well done. And it looks like it worked:

I'm buying my copy based on Jonathan's review, but their marketing was top-notch. You can learn a lot from this campaign.
One of the core take-away's is to not be afraid to use multiple method because you never know when someone with a large audience will share your page and drive a significant share of traffic.

Chris Brogan’s Trust Agents

There are a only a few people who’s blog posts I eagerly devour and learn from as soon as they appear:  Seth Godin, Simon Ford and Chris Brogan. I’ve read most if not all of Seth’s books, I’m CEO of one of Simon’s companies and I’m gleefully waiting for my copy of Chris’ new book Trust Agents to appear in my mailbox from Amazon.

Chris understands how social media works on a level that most will never truly understand and many of us are struggling to reach; at least I know I am, sorry to make assumptions about you. The core of social media and in truth all marketing is Trust. In any relationship someone must have faith and believe in the other person for the relationship to work. Business relationships are no different. Our clients must believe that our product or service will deliver at least as good as we tell them that it will.

I’m confident that Chris’ book will give us a deeper understanding of how to earn that trust and build influence using online tools.

In case anyone is thinking I’m  just pushing this for an affiliate commisison, I’m not, I trust that this book will be well worth the time invested in reading it.

Simply click ont he picture of the book and it will send you to Chris’ website for a list of locations to buy the book.

Trust Agents
Trust Agents