What the F**K is Social Media

This is one of the best researched slideshows I’ve seen  from Marta Kagan. She’s packed it full of great information and some staggering figures on social media.
Very insightful and provides a lot of ammo for those of you trying to convince your bosses that you need to be paying attention to social media.  Enjoy the slideshow.

FaceBook Vanity URLs — Are you Getting Yours?

I was going to write up about this, but Mari’s post here is great:

Here are a couple of reasons to want a vanity URL:

1. It makes it easier for people to find you and if you have a common name like “John Smith” you will want to jump on it early.

2. It’s easier to add to a business card — many of us have been adding our Twitter ids, now we can add our facebook profiles as well.

3. Fan Pages will be powerful for businesses, especially businesses that use their keywords in their name. — You have to have an existing fan page to be able to access this right now.

What are your thoughts?


Twitter Small Business Success Stories

I’m looking stories from local businesses that have used Twitter to market their businesses successfully. These  stories will be recapped in my blog with links and credit given and I will invite the top 2-3 people onto my radio show to ask them additional questions and give them an opportunity to tell us more about their social media marketing efforts. I would prefer to interview the business owners themselves, but am open to discussing this
with marketing professionals.

When submitting your success story:

1.Include: The business name — and industry if not obvious

2. Twitter account name

3. Website address

4. Percentage or $$ amount of increase in sales

5. Business location

If you send me any creatives, sales copy, direct mail pieces etc It is assumed that you want me to share them when I write the story and do the interview. If you do not want to share creatives do not send them to me. I’m looking forward to seeing your success stories Thanks, Doug

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Twitter Buttons and Graphics

I was looking around for some fun “Follow me” buttons for a project and figured I might as well share with everyone.

Here are my favorites — leave comments below if you have other free resources that you like,

Follow Me Buttons

This one’s in French, but the designs are in English


She has some fun buttons


This one’s great if you don’t understand code very well.


Twitter Backgrounds

Some fun ones — I was tempted by Batman


This one just has patterns


Not my style, but cute graphics