PayPal What are you thinking???

Dear PayPal

I'm thinking about breaking up with you.

We've been together for almost a decade. A decade where I've bought and sold 10s of thousands of dollars of items using your service. I've loved the simplicity and the security that you provide me when I make purchases from people I don't know all over the world. I love how you make it easy for me to sell things online without having to go through setting up bank processing.

I evangelize you to friends, family, students and clients.Recommending that the simplicity that you provide far outweighs the higher transaction fees when selling and that the security you provide when ordering is unparalleled.

I look for the PayPal button when I'm making purchases and always use PayPal when it's available.

I even remember stubbornly ignoring Ebay's attempts to get me to use BillPay. I ranted to my friends about Ebay's attempts to replace you when you were so vital to Ebay's growth. Even when Ebay made us go through extra steps to use you I persevered. I thought you were in the right and I like to think that people like me are the reason that Ebay relented and bought you for $1.5 billion.

But I don't know what you're thinking right now.

I'm not sure if you've just gotten too big and forgotten your roots. Your service is still awesome, I've even had great customer service experiences the couple of times that I've had issues.

You have to remember that it's not the big things that kill relationships.

It's the little things. Like forgetting to put the toothpaste cap back on or leaving the toilet seat up.

Those things that just annoy you,

The first couple of times, you don't even notice

But after a while you mention it and explain why it bothers you

Then when it happens again…

You're mad

This is one of those things…

Why in the hell do I have to click "NO" I do not want to use your "Bill me later" service EVERY time I pay for something????

Once was fine…"Oh they have a new service…"

Even the second time, I thought "Oh there it is again…"

But then you started freezing the page to make me select yes or no on it.

That was annoying

But I dealt with it, thinking to  myself, "This is a little aggressive for a $5 purchase"

and it happened again

and again

and again

WTF are you doing??? Who programmed that thing. There are two issues here:

1. Why would someone want to use Bill me later on a $5 purchase?? Maybe a $500 purchase, BUT a $5 purchase???

2. Why should I have to say "NO" more than once. Hell even a 30 day cookie would be fine. A one day cookie would make it a little easier to bear…

Really…I don't get it. how much will you really earn on my $5 purchase if I use Bill Me Later…


Former raving fan


Fir those that don't use PayPal here's the offending picture:



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  1. Anonymous says

    Be prepared for a swarm of comments from people who want you to go with a competitor…

    I like PayPal, and they sure are everywhere…But I can see why the over-selling and up-selling could get annoying.


  2. says

    I had a lot of fun laughing at your rant. I’m glad you choose the high road and pay cash instead of credit, but take a breath, relax, and don’t give Paypal the upper hand in your relationship. I know, its frustrating when you get the silent treatment. Although, that’s really what you are after right now isn’t it?

  3. Penny says

    I didn’t read the entire offending screen, but I see a “Get $10 Back” offer. If you could get $10 back on your $5 purchase it might be less annoying?… hope you appreciate the lighthearted humor 🙂

  4. says

    I always appreciate your humor Penny – the annoyance is that it locks the screen up until you click yes or no and it does it on every transaction. I’ve said no at least 25 times. “No” means “No” 🙂

  5. says

    Hey Dave,
    No one trying to sell me yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it came. I like PayPal, just annoyed at that function.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting