My “Duh” moment – It’s Amazing When You Get Out of Your Own Way

This year started out rough.

My business was hurting because I had spent the previous six months focused on one client who was paying me $10k a month.

I had other clients, but wasn’t doing anything to generate new ones.

In fact ½ of my new clients were ones I was helping friends with and talking a cut of the project.

It just wasn’t what I wanted to do.

I was hurting financially and I wasn’t delivering to the best of my ability for my friend.

Somewhere along the way I read a post from Dan Meredith

It may even have been something from the Espresso With Dan archives

To be honest I can’t point you to the right one.

But I had the biggest “Duh” moment of my life.

I help B2B companies with their marketing strategy and

I was primarily doing B2B lead generation for my clients….

But I wasn’t doing it for myself…

I realize how obvious that is when I look back on it, but I was too stuck in my rut.

So in July I wrote down a plan to build my agency to 1 million in a year

I planned out the staff I would need and

I developed a lead generation strategy to get me there

And then I implemented it

Less than 4 months later

I’ve added 16 new clients

Have over a dozen more in my pipeline.

And I’m hiring staff

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